Zac Raasch


Prior to learning how to dance in 2011, Zac Raasch was convinced that he was born with two left feet, and that dancing was some type of utterly foreign magic only the “gifted” could do. Five years later, he now travels around the country, dancing regularly with anyone who shares his passion. In particular, Zac’s dancing passions are for America’s vintage swing dances—east coast swing, lindy hop, charleston, and balboa. He loves the loose, high-energy feel of these dances, their rich, American history, and the way they emphasize dancing’s social roots. As an instructor, Zac enjoys helping people who never thought they’d be able to dance learn how to move and have fun in these vintage dances. Off the dance floor, you can either find Zac dancing at one of the venues around town, or on the University of Montana campus, where he is a graduate student in Creative Writing.