Shannon Flanagan


Shannon Flanagan was born in Missoula at the old St Patrick’s hospital (the one they imploded years ago) in 1970, which makes him a bit old to be a competitive dancer.  A local business owner, Shannon likes to take long walks in the woods with his wife of 25 years, and contemplate the balance of music and movement in modern dance.  Shannon and his wife Lisa are raising a beautiful Labradoodle, Ellie, a lovely chicken, Margaret, and two slightly above average children.  Being a car salesman, one would expect Shannon to possess a natural talent for dance.  Many are surprised to see how gracefully he moves.  His profession has given him a healthy respect for horsepower, traction, and a good dance instructor.  Some say Shannon turned down a place on Dancing With the (network) Stars, because they couldn’t pay his talent fee, and he coached the Irish Men’s National Soccer Team in the early 90s.  All we know is that he is grateful to be raising money for the DDC.

“And those who are seen dancing are thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  -Friedrich Nitezsche