Molly Bradford


Molly Bradford has been involved in sales and marketing in the greater-Missoula area for nearly twenty years.  Today she is CEO at GatherBoard, an online community events calendar platform with sites across Montana and the Western United States.  Locally, you know GatherBoard as and Missoula Indoor Ads.  When Molly’s not chasing her two kids, cleaning up after a pet, or running a load of laundry, you may catch her on a ski-racing date night with her husband, on the soccer field with other moms, or asleep on the deck with a book in her lap.  She loves to source food locally through hunting and gardening, play amateur chef on a random school-night, and sew things out of fleece for her nieces and nephews.  Molly’s kids say she tells a lot of bad jokes and likes to dance while she drives.