Annelise Hedahl


Annelise Hedahl is essentially a Missoula, Montana native. As a former military brat, she identified with the place that most felt like home and where she spent the most amount of time in her travels. After receiving a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Montana Western, Annelise eventually returned to Missoula and worked for seven years in marketing. Annelise is also an Alderwoman with the City Council for Ward 5.  This gives her great insight into the City, ordinances, upcoming development and zoning changes in a leadership capacity. She also serves on the Communications committee with Missoula Organization of Realtors and is a board member for Missoula Building Industry Association.
In 2014, she decided to follow her heart and become a Real Estate agent so I could spend her days helping people move in to the next phase of their lives.  Annelise is married to City Fireman Jason, and has two incredible boys named Kade and Wyatt.  She is madly in love with Missoula, just ask her!