Gillian Kessler


Gillian Kessler has been dancing since age 3 and believes deeply in the power of creative, expressive movement ever since.  She was fortunate enough to study Afro-Brazilian in Bahia, Brazil under master teachers and eagerly brought her passion for this rooted, earthy dance form back to Los Angeles, her hometown.  Gillian has been in MISSOULA since 2002 and has a rich history with the DDC as she was one of the DDC’s first instructors upon the studio’s opening.  Over the years Gillian has taught Afro-Brazilian, Jazz, World Rhythm Yoga and World Dance for Kids at the DDC.   She believes in the DDC and has always appreciated Heather’s unifying vision of bringing all styles of dancers and artists together from the Missoula community with a spirit of support and appreciation.  Gillian dances to celebrate joy, express gratitude and honor the earth.  She believes that anyone and everyone should take creative risks each and every day, preferably with loud and radical music pulsing through the room!  She is thrilled to be a part of Dancing with the Missoula Stars!

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