Emily Weiler


My days are spent wearing a multitude of hats, but the majority rests in the field of science. I am presently a Research Specialist/Lab Manager at UM, in the Public Health department. I’ve been working for my boss for 12 years! We’re currently in the middle of a five year study involving kids and respiratory health. It’s fantastic to work in pediatrics! I get to put some of my medical training to use too which is great because I’m a licensed EMT. I work as an exam coordinator for Aerie Backcountry Medicine as well–where I took my EMT course and we teach first aid classes all over the US. What’s my favorite job though? State Pollen Counter! Yep, all those allergy reports you see on the news are from me. As the leader of the only Pollen station in Montana, I report to allergists, news agencies, the Weather Channel–you name it! And that’s where you’ve probably heard my name before. All my jobs have something in common, which is that they all serve the public. It feels good to give back–whether it’s pollen counts, helping educate new EMTs, or improving kids’ health in western Montana!

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